Financial Planning Class

Program Description

This program is 4 hours in length and provides education on managing lifestyle goals and finances in a responsible manner. Specific course topics include identifying sources of income and known expenses, being able to write a budget, differentiating between a want and a need, setting financial goals, and identifying steps required to achieve those goals. During the course participants will also learn about values and priorities, building income, lowering expenses; and, participants will also create a personal budget to assist them in meeting financial needs


This class is available to all offenders being supervised by the McLennan County C.S.C.D. but generally includes participants who have a past or present history of financial management problems. Many offenders are court ordered to complete this class as an initial condition of probation; however, this program is also a great resource for staff to utilize when addressing delinquencies in court ordered fees as a means of sanctioning.  

Referral Process

This class is free to the offender. The reception clerk will have the offender sign an enrollment packet. Thereafter, the offender will receive a copy of the class schedule that details the dates and times of all class sessions. Typically, the classes are held in two (2) sessions from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. Any missed class session will result in the participant being dropped from the class until he/she can be re-enrolled by the CSO or case manager for the next available class.