Non-Intimate Partner Violence Program (NIPV)

Program Description 

This standardized program is 12 hours in length and is designed to educate offenders regarding decision making tools relative to non-intimate partner violence and anger.  The use of anger as a tactic and common barriers in thinking will be described using material from a structured curriculum.  Offenders will utilize a workbook in order to explore individual tactics as it relatives to behavior and negative consequences associated with non-intimate partner violence and anger.  Offenders will be challenged to utilize alternative behaviors in order to achieve positive outcomes when faced with situations that may trigger violence and/or unhealthy anger events.  Specific course topics include the anger process, anger cues, myths, risk factors and the Stages of Change.  


This class is open to the public but generally includes participants who have been placed on probation and court ordered to the program.  However, this class may also be used as a sanction as deemed appropriate by the referring agency.

Referral Process

The McLennan County CSCD charges $150 for this class. That amount is due in full before a participant is eligible for enrollment. Once paid, the participant must complete an enrollment packet which includes a Personal Data Form and Pre-Test.  A schedule is given to the offender that details the dates and times of all class sessions. This packet is available at the reception desk. For this program there are six (6) class sessions from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. A participant must attend all class sessions to complete the program. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to the participant at the conclusion of the class.  Any missed class will result in the participant being dropped from class; after which, the participant will be required to pay a $50 re-enrollment fee (unless waived by the program administrator) before he/she can be re-registered for the next available class.