Cemetery Information

The Texas Historical Commission provides additional information about cemeteries.  

Answers to most of your questions can be found by visiting their website located at http://www.thc.texas.gov/preserve/projects-and-programs/cemetery-preservation/cemetery-laws.

If you have questions about establishing a family cemetery, please read the brochure provided below, or contact the Texas Cemetery Association located online at http://www.txca.us/.

Establishing A Family Cemetery

Short answers to common questions regarding Cemeteries and Indigent Burial can be found here. 

2017 Short Answers to Common Questions Regarding Cemeteries and Indigent Burial - T.A.C.

Note: County Law Enforcement has the authority to enforce cemetery laws.  Texas laws regarding historic cemeteries are found in Chapters 711–715 of the Texas Health and Safety Code; Title 13, Part 2, Chapter 22 of the Texas Administrative Code; and sections of the Penal Code.

To download a map of known cemeteries located within McLennan County, click the link below.