DWI Drug Court

The McLennan County DWI/Drug Court is a four-phase intervention program for adults who are seeking probation for an offense related to substance abuse or for adults already on probation, who are unable to maintain sobriety. It is a joint effort of the McLennan County Courts at Law, the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office, the McLennan County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, local treatment providers (CENIKOR and HOTRMHMR), Baylor University, and other valuable members of our community.

Applicants seeking treatment will go through a screening process, which includes a variety of psychological tests.  The purpose of the screening process is to evaluate the applicant’s appropriateness for the program (there is a $50.00 screening fee, which will be applied to the program fees, if accepted).  All potential participants must meet personally with the DWI/Drug court team for final approval.

If approved, participants are placed on probation and must successfully complete the program as a condition of their probation. The typical length of the program is between 12-18 months and consists of 4 phases, with each phase taking a minimum of three months to complete.  Participants will have a variety of meetings to schedule throughout the week (NA/AA meetings, Individual, and Group counseling) as well as meeting with the DWI/Drug Court team every Friday from 12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m. 

Participants will also be randomly tested multiple times per week for any unapproved substances. The McLennan County DWI/Drug Court does recognize the necessity of medically assisted treatment (MAT) in appropriate cases.

Participant progress is evaluated on a weekly basis.  If the participant has met the weekly program requirements, he/she will receive an incentive.  If the participant has not met the weekly requirements, depending on the violation, he/she may be required to do additional community service, counseling,  NA/AA meetings,  provide a thinking report, or some days in jail.

Four Phase Handout


DWI Court

  • Utilizes the team approach to treatment and supervision by using specially trained team members, including probation officers with small caseloads who meet regularly with participants
  • Assistance with needs such individual therapy, health screenings, transportation, employment, education and housing
  • Violations of program orders are discussed by the team and handled by the judge on an individual basis
  • Incentives available as participant progresses
  • Judge meets with the participant during a specialized docket that is held weekly, and the Judge knows the unique circumstances of every participant

Regular Probation

  • Probation officers with minimal substance abuse training and significant caseloads
  • No recognition or incentives for progress
  • Judge only sees a defendant if a motion to revoke probation has been filed

  1. DWI Drug Court

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  2. Amy Lowrey

    Specialty Court Coordinator - MS, LPC-S, LCDC