Functions of the County Treasurer

The Office of County Treasurer serves an integral role in the framework of county government that provides for the safety of county money.  The Office of County Treasurer is created by the Texas Constitution, Article XVI, Section 44.  The county treasurer is elected by the voters of each county for a term of four years.  

Legislatively prescribed duties fall into three main categories: receipt of county money, serving as custodian of county money, and disbursement of county money.  The county treasurer performs several ancillary duties as required by statute, as may be required or recommended by commissioners’ court, and other duties that are in the public interest.  The county treasurer keeps accurate, detailed accounts of the transactions of the treasurer's office and of the county money in the county treasurer’s custody.

Anyone with questions relating to the McLennan County Treasurers duties may contact the county treasurer or a member of the treasurer’s staff.

An abbreviated list of specific duties performed include:

  • Receive, record, and deposit county revenues.
  • Expend county money by printing, endorsing, and issuing checks, and by paying electronically.
  • Prepare and process payroll:
    • Prepare and process county payroll for more than 1,200 county employees and;
    • Prepare and process election worker payroll.
    • Pay payroll related IRS taxes.
    • Prepare and file payroll tax returns including IRS 941s, W-2, W-3, and 1095.
  • Retiree Benefits:
    • Collect and record monthly payments from county retirees to pay for supplemental benefits.
    • Prepare and present reconciled reports of collections from retirees and payments to vendors.
  • County Investment Officer:
    • Invest county money.
    • Prepare and present reconciled investment reports to commissioners’ court.
    • Review and update the county investment policy annually.
  • Depository:
    • Depository and sub-depository bids and contracts.
    • In charge of depository accounts and account services.
    • County Administrator for online banking.
    • Administer collateralization of county deposits and CD investments that exceed the FDIC limit.
    • Review and update the county collateral policy as needed.
  • Unclaimed Funds:
    • Maintain the county record of unclaimed funds.
    • Report and pay unclaimed funds to the state comptroller as provided by state law.
  • Bail Bond:
    • Bail Bond Board member.
    • Serve as custodian of bail bond company security.
    • Prepare and present monthly bail bond security reports to the Bail Bond Board.
    • Administer bail bond fee refunds as provided by Government Code section 41.258(f).
  • Print, endorse, and issue checks for Jury Service.
  • Prepare and submit reports and pay the State Comptroller for state fees collected by the county.
  • Treasurer for Child Welfare Board established by the Texas Family Code section 264.005.