Paving Schedule Fiscal Year 2023

Forrest Park Addition

As we conclude our 2023 Budget - we have applied $1,371,184.54 in construction materials to Precinct 3 roadways.  We finished our spending on 9/29/2023 with 99.8% of our allocation used. 

Our balance is $3,218.66

Our 2024 Budget Allocation for Road and Bridge was approved for $1.249,999M in construction material.  Prices for everything have almost doubled since 2022, but as stewerds of your tax dollars we strive to maintain our 233.18 road miles and continue to work up new road surface to chipseal all gravel roads in the Precinct.

It is our pleasure to report that we only have 27.32 miles of gravel road left in Precinct 3 and are on track to have those miles paved by 2027. We also maintain 1571 signs. 

FY 2024 is off to a rolling start with prep work for:  Rice Creek, Mynar, County Line South, E County Line E, Kirkland Hill, Fuller Hill, Old Dallas, E Rainer, W Rainer, Moravec, Half Pint and Hlavanka and more budget allowing; 

We will be making large repairs to W Crabb and Old Dallas (N of the CIty of Ross -  these areas need complete grinding and replacement of base materials);

There will be overlay activity in Chalk Bluff; 2nd coats applied to 8.66 miles of road;