Public Notices


Thompson Rd Bridge

There have been inquiries made relative to Thompson Road Bridge. After the 2022 bridge inspection by TxDOT, this bridge was recommended for closure, by TxDOT, due to stress fractures in the structural members of the bridge. Given the heavy vehicle weight this bridge experiences, critical attention must be given to its repair strategies. The county has funds in this year’s budget for a land survey, geotechnical exploration, right-of-way determination, and construction plans necessary to replace this bridge with a more substantial bridge that can handle the over-the-weight-limit loadings. We ask for your patience but your safety is paramount.

Trading Post Rd

An area of this road was closed but had since been temporarily opened until any major construction gets underway.  In February of last year, over time and due to several heavy rains, the Trading Post Road Creek Crossing culvert began to fail. The safety of our citizens is most important. To prevent flooding and/or any safety issues work has begun to replace the failing structure. Since the Trading House Creek Reservoir’s dam drains directly through the culvert, a civil engineering firm has been contracted to complete a drainage study and design work for the project.

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