Precinct 2

Offices are open as usual.
The mission of McLennan County Constable’s Office Precinct 2 is to effectively serve orders and execute writs from local and other jurisdictions issued from the civil and criminal court system. The Constable’s Office is dedicated in maintaining high standards in assisting the public in understanding information on civil process. Precinct 2 is committed to providing quality service to the community in a professional and safe manner.
Constable McLennan County Precinct 2 - State of Texas Badge
Precinct 2 takes great pride in servicing our civil papers in a timely manner. Precinct 2 has the knowledge and know-how to serve our civil papers right the first time.

In the past 13 years, Precinct 2 has served over 48,000 civil papers, with revenues totaling over 2.9 million dollars in civil fees for McLennan County. Precinct 2 will be more than happy to answer any civil related questions you may have and mail you the information upon request. Our main purpose is to serve the public with the up most courtesy and respect.

Weapons Prohibited
All weapons (guns, knives, etc.) are prohibited on the premises of the Kelly-Napier Justice Center. All persons will be searched for weapons before entering the courtroom.

All cell phones, radios, iPods, etc. must be turned off or put on silence before entering the courtroom.

Dress Code
Most hearings are open to the public. Appropriate dress is expected in the courtroom. No shorts, tank-tops, hats/caps for men, or bare feet are allowed. Children should be attended by an adult.