Criminal/Misdemeanor Court Cases

The County Clerk’s role as supporter of the criminal courts is vital. Thousands of misdemeanor criminal cases are disposed of at the county level each year. The clerk's duties in these cases are varied and include filing cases, processing and maintaining Court documents, collecting costs and fines.

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For Cost Collection (OCA) inquiries, call 254-759-5619.

Other Frequently Used Phone Numbers:

Court Administrator:  254-757-5030 (for court dates)
Indigent Defense Coordinator:  254-759-7540 (for court-appointed attorneys)
District Clerk:  254-757-5054 (for felony cases)
Adult Probation:  254-757-5070
Hwy. 6 Jail:  254-757-2555
Sheriff's Records:  254-757-5108
Juvenile Records:  254-757-5072
US District Court:  254-750-1501
DPS Crime Records:  512-424-7256

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