Felony Probation Conditions

The following is a listing of basic felony probation conditions. Refer to your order for specific and additional conditions in your case.

Basic Felony Conditions
  • Neither commit nor be convicted of any offense against the laws of the State of Texas , or any other State of the United States and report any arrest to the Adult Probation Officer within 10 days.
  • Avoid injurious or vicious habits.
  • Totally avoid the use of narcotics, barbiturates, habit forming drugs, or any controlled substances as defined in the laws of the State of Texas, except as previously prescribed by a Medical Doctor.
  • Totally avoid the consumption of any alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid association with persons who have criminal records and those of disreputable or harmful character.
  • Avoid places of disreputable or harmful character, especially taverns, bars and pool halls where gambling is permitted or alcoholic beverages are sold.
  • Report to the McLennan County Adult Probation Officer immediately and thereafter as directed, but at least once each 30 days.
  • Permit the Probation Officer or his assistants to visit him/her at his/her home or elsewhere.
  • Work faithfully at suitable employment as far as possible.
  • Notify the Probation Officer before quitting or changing jobs.
  • Obtain the Probation Officer’s permission before changing residences.
  • Submit to drug and alcohol testing (non-diluted urine sample, breath sample, hair sample or blood sample) to the probation officer, department technician or a department approved independent laboratory at any time a request for such sample is made. A urinalysis fee is to be paid by the probationer. The offender shall pay a reimbursement fee to the McLennan County Community Supervisions and Corrections Department for each drug test confirmed at an independent laboratory to contain illegal drugs/alcohol. The fee shall be paid within 30 days from the date each confirmed result is received from the independent laboratory.
  • Remain within the limits of McLennan County, Texas and leave the County only with the permission of the Probation Officer.
  • Keep the Adult Probation Officer advised of his residence address at all times.
  • Support your dependents.
  • Be required to be at the probationer’s place of residence 7 days a week by 10 p.m. and to remain in this residence until 6 a.m. the following morning.
  • Pay monthly probation fees and any assessed restitution fees, court cost, fines, etc.