Who is Responsible for Illegal Dumping

We of the McLennan County Sheriff's Department are asking for your help in finding information on people who are using your county for their own personal dump site.

Pile of Shingles

This illegal dumping at 179 Church Camp Lane, in McLennan County occurred between the hours of 1 p.m. on May 16, 2001 and 11 a.m. on May 17, 2001. This site consisted of a large pile of shingles being disposed of on private property. This site is located off the north bound service road of I-35 at the United Church of Christ Masters Work Shop. The McLennan County Sheriff's Department and the Robinson Police Department are currently seeking the person responsible for this dumping. This could be a costly cleanup. If this party isn't found, the expense of this cleanup comes out of the owners pocket. Any information, contact the Sheriff's Department or Robinson Police Department.

Used Oil Barrels

Illegal Dumping of 6 55-gallon barrels of used oil. Disposed of on or around the date of November 30, 2000. This site was located on Trading Post Road, in McLennan County.

Barrels & Electrical Components

This illegal dumping took place on or around May 8, 2001. This dump site was located at the corner of Old Sawmill Road and Vernal Road. This is an area that runs off of Lake Felton Parkway, in McLennan County.

This debris consisted of 5 barrels of electrical components that have been possibly burned for the copper. Also a broken brown folding table. Photographs will show several different items. This office needs your help in finding the person that might handle these types of items.

Barrels & Other Metal Pieces

This illegal dumping took place sometime around the month of February 2001. This site was located at the intersection of FM 1330 and Old Axtel Road, next to the phone company relay station.

This site consisted of 2 cardboard barrels, curtain rods, metal stripping and other miscellaneous debris. This site sat next to Hog Creek. This site was cleaned up and disposed of at the cost of the tax payers, of McLennan County.

Washer & Dryer

This illegal dumping was located on Tradingpost Road and Tradinghouse Creek, in McLennan County. This site consisted of one washer and dryer. These items were pushed into the Tradinghouse Creek. This office is looking for the responsible party to this dumping to have this debris removed and disposed of at the violators expense.

Have Information?

Anyone with information can contact the McLennan County Sheriff's Office, Environmental Crimes Division 254-757-5222, callers can remain anonymous.