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These Court Approved Forms are NOT intended for public use.
They are intended for licensed attorneys practicing before the McLennan County Courts at Law.
Defendants without legal counsel should consult with an attorney!

Court Approved Criminal Forms & Instructions

Last Revision - April 15, 2019
All forms and instructions on this website are intended solely for Court staff or attorney use, are NOT intended for use by the general public, and do not replace the advice of a qualified attorney!
Please download and install the most recent version of the adobe acrobat reader, or update your current version! Fillable forms are easier to use with the newest version of the reader.



Update Forms

Do not use versions of a form released before the last revision!  If you have downloaded and are maintaining a set of forms on your computer hard drive, please delete your current set and replace all forms with the updated forms on this site! The file name for each form, if it has been revised, will contain the revision date.

Form Consistency

The County Courts at Law have officially adopted the forms on this site.  All forms submitted to the Court must be consistent; therefore, any reproduction of these forms in another format must match the official version of the form exactly, including font size, page breaks, margins and word or space placement, and may not exclude any portion of the official form.

Fillable Format

The most commonly utilized forms are provided in “fillable” pdf format. All you need is a pdf file reader, (the Adobe reader is free on the web), and a printer. You can either download and save the files to your computer for repeated or later use, replacing your current plea form files, or open them in the browser.  Either way, you can complete the forms and print them in very little time.

As an additional service to the Bar, the forms typically required in the most common circumstances are also provided in “fillable” pdf format, or “packets,” so you can avoid having to re-enter data, such as cause numbers and names, on each page.  The process to complete the packets is the same as the process used on individual forms. The packets will save a lot of time over individual forms!

Each plea situation is different, and additional individual forms are often required, even when you use a packet. You are responsible for knowing the local Court rules, which are posted on this website, including memos from the Courts to the Bar, in determining which forms must be submitted.

For handwritten forms, simply open the form or packet in your pdf file reader and, without entering any information, print it. The blank form will print. If you choose this method, remember your handwritten entries must be completely legible.

The following forms have been updated, as of April 15, 2019:

  • Acknowledgment of 39.14 Disclosure
  • Order Deferring Adjudication
  • Order Granting Community Supervision
  • Judgment & Sentence
  • Exhibit A to Order Probation Community Supervision
  • All plea and revocation packets
  • All pro se packets
  • House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring packet

General Requirements Regarding Plea Document Preparation

  • Documents should be completed on computer and printed in advance of the court appearance;
  • Complete the plea documents!
  • If you must complete any portion by hand, PRINT the information.
  • Illegible signatures must be accompanied by the printed name below the signature.

39.14 Discovery Documents

The form showing all items and information provided to the Defense by the State (labeled "Attachment A") is provided to defense counsel by the DA's office at the time the discovery occurs, with a request that it be signed and returned to the State. Although providing the State with a copy is advisable, Defense counsel should keep the original signed attachment and deliver it to the Court at the time of the plea. This will remove the risk of its being lost in the transmission process and allow the proceedings to continue.