Local Court Rules

Since June, 1978, the County Courts at Law have amended, supplemented and revised the policies and procedures for the local Courts many times, often by memorandum or other form of notice.

In 2012, the Courts consolidated all rules into a single set of Local Court Rules. These rules were published with the McLennan County Clerk.

The 2021 Local Court Rules and the Supplemental Rule Regarding Video Hearings conform to the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, as well as other applicable statutes, and are governed by those provisions. The 2021 Local Rules address the changes necessitated by the addition of County Court at Law No. 3 as well as issues created by the proliferation of teleconference hearings. They are intended to provide a formal resource from which attorneys, parties and the public can review the general local rules in a single document.

As always, the Local Court Rules are to be followed unless authorized or ordered otherwise by the Court. The Court Administrator will continue to develop and maintain more detailed practices in compliance with the Local Court Rules.