Things to Avoid

Ideas for Merchants & Individuals on Accepting Checks
Following the procedures outlined below may help to keep you or your business from accepting a check that may never get paid.
  • Always ask to see an ID.
  • Write ID info on the check. If possible, include an ID number (i.e. a Texas driver’s license number), Date of Birth, and contact info.
  • Be sure identification info matches information on the check. If not, write down correct info.
  • Do not agree to hold a check or accept a post-dated check.
  • Take checks to the bank within 30 days of the date it is written.
  • Have clerks initial checks they accept.
  • Turn checks over to our office promptly. The sooner we get them, the less likely the writer’s information will have changed.
  • When accepting business checks, print the check signer’s name legibly on the check.
Problematic Checks
The following is a list of problematic situations that make prosecution difficult. Our office cannot prosecute checks passed outside of McLennan County.
  • Rent or lease agreement payments
  • Out of state checks
  • Third party checks
  • Stop payments
  • Business Checks with no name recorded
  • Temporary Checks      
  • Payments on Account or on a previously existing debt
  • Post-dated checks