Floodplain Information

All development in the unincorporated areas of McLennan County must comply with the county's flood damage prevention order.

McLennan County provides floodplain information in order to determine if a certain tract of land is within the 100-year floodplain. You will need to provide the Engineer's Office with a survey or drawing that shows the specific tract, the fronting road, and the nearest road intersection.

If you need a drawing of this nature, contact the Map Department by calling 254-757-5067.

Once a drawing has been provided, the Engineer's Office will make a determination as to whether the property lies within the floodplain.

**FEMA has finalized the modified flood hazard information and revised map panels became effective December 20, 2019.  Be sure and use the new suffix code found on all revised FIRM panels for all future insurance policies and renewals.

FEMA Changes 2008 to 2019 Map

Floodplain Order & Permit

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Residents of McLennan county can click on the links below to find out if they live or will be living in a location considered to be floodplain, otherwise known as the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).  If the area you are interested in is considered floodplain, you will likely be required by your mortgage company to acquire flood insurance.

Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS):


Approximate Elevations of "A-Zones":



Guide for Flood Insurance Rates (Where-How-What)

Simple Guide for Flood Insurance Coverage Limits and Deductibles

Rate Discount Guide for FEMA Risk Rating 2.0

VIDEO - Defining a Property's Unique Flood Risk


VIDEO - How Insurance Companies Can Determine Insurance Quotes Using FEMA's Rating Methodology 2.0


Additional FEMA Risk 2.0 Flood Insurance Information


Explanation of FEMA Risk Rating 2.0

Explanation of FEMA Risk Rating 2.0

Manufactured Homes in Floodplain

Protecting Manufactured Homes from floods and other Hazards (FEMA_p85 2nd ed. Nov. 2009)

2-page Overview of FEMA_p85 (2019)

FEMA Changes 2008 to 2019

FEMA Changes 2008 to 2019 Map

Ex: Flood Insurance Rate Map


Ex: Approximate Elevations in "A-Zones"