Mapping & GIS

Maps Available Onsite

The following copies are available for a fee:
  • Hand drawn linen maps of property ownership for McLennan County
  • Rural historic maps from 1929 and 1930
  • Antique Railroad right of way maps
  • Maps of various voting districts, voting box precincts, Justice of the Peace and Constable precincts, Senate and House Districts and County Commissioner Districts
  • McLennan County Road maps
  • Maps of Texas counties
  • USGS Survey maps of McLennan County
  • Map of Baylor University Campus area
  • Map of Cameron Park
  • Map of every small town in the county

Other Resources Onsite

  • Ownership history of acreage tracts dating back to the l940s
  • Aerial photography
  • Digital orthos
  • City limits

McLennan County Organizational Chart

List of Map Prices