Homeland Security

As part of a series of initiatives to improve coordination and communication among all levels of government and the American public in the fight against terrorism, Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, created the Homeland Security Advisory System. The Homeland Security Advisory System will provide a comprehensive and effective means to broadcast information regarding the risk of terrorist attacks to Federal, State, and local authorities and to the American people.

Advisory Categories
  1. Severe Condition (Red)
  2. High Condition (Orange)
  3. Elevated Condition (Yellow)
  4. Guarded Condition (Blue)
  5. Low Condition (Green)
Severe Condition (Red)
Severe risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the previously outlined Protective Measures, the following may be applied:
  • Assigning emergency response personnel and prepositioning specially trained teams
  • Monitoring, redirecting or constraining transportation systems
  • Closing public and government facilities
  • Increasing or redirecting personnel to address critical emergency needs