Stop Payments

Payee's Request to Stop

A stop payment is a request made only by the payee when a check drawn from the McLennan County Child Support account has not been received. This can only be requested if your case is not with the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). The following steps are required for a stop payment to be processed.

Sending a Request

  1. A stop payment can be processed only after 15 business days from the date the payment was mailed. To process the stop payment prior to the 15 business days you must agree to pay the $20 fee assessed by the bank. This fee cannot be taken from the payment being stopped or any future payment.
  2. The Stop Payment Request (PDF) cannot be sent in any earlier than the 15 required business days.

Required Information

The following information is needed on the request, which can be faxed, mailed or submitted to the information window.
  • Cause number or child support account number
  • Payor and Payee’s name
  • Date of check
  • Amount of check
  • McLennan County check number
  • Signature of the Payee
  • Copy of the Payee’s state issued I.D.
  • Daytime phone number

Cashed Checks

If the check has not been cashed it will be voided and reissued within 3 business days of the submission of the affidavit.

State Disbursement Unit Payments

If your payments have been redirected to the SDU, you will have to submit an SDU stop payment form directly to them. You can retrieve the form at Office of the Attorney General, click on Child Support, then click on Forms and Contacts, and then click on Request for Warrant Cancellation. Please return to the address listed on the form.

Payor to Payee Direct Payments

For checks paid directly by the payor to the payee either through wage withholding or individually you must deal directly with the business or the person.