Filing & Fees

Filing & Service Fees

Effective January 1, 2024, this schedule of Filing and Service Fees for Civil and Family Cases (PDF) separates the fees for filing of pleadings, issuance of citations, notices and writs, and the service of process. To determine the amount of cost, please calculate the total fee as follows:

Applicable Filing Fee + Process Fee or Issuance Fee + Service Fee = Total Fee

For more information, please review the applicable local rules as published on  To view McLennan County's Local Rules and standing orders: 1) use the link above; 2) click on "search here" button under Local Rule, Forms and Standing Orders; 3) type McLennan as the County in the filter near the top of the page.

Civil Filing With Fees

Civil pleadings, such as petition, cross-actions, counterclaim's, etc. may be filed in the Civil Intake Section at:

501 Washington Avenue, 

Suite 300 Courthouse Annex

Waco, TX 76701

These type pleadings have fees to be receipted for at time of filing. Office hours are from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. between Monday - Friday. Entry to the Courthouse Annex is through the main courthouse at 501 Washington Avenue on the ground floor.

Claims of Indigency for Civil Filings

If you claim that you are unable to pay court costs, you may file an Affidavit of Indigency (PDF) and ask the Court to allow you not to pay court costs. The District Clerk's office will review your affidavit, and may challenge your claim of indigency.  You may call Dana Shane at 254-759-7550 for questions with your Paupers Oath.

Indigency only permits you to avoid paying court costs. It does not entitle you to other free services such as copies or records searches.

Filing Civil/Family Case Information After Hours

You may file after hours by e-filing.  McLennan County still has local rules for e-filing that must be followed.