Czech Hall Bridge 2017

Czech Hall 1

Master Plan For New Bridge Approved

State Plans for Rice Creek

Work has been completed and the new bridge is officially open.

In partnership with TXDOT in the Off System Highway Bridge Management Program, Precinct 3 County Commissioner Will Jones held discussions to move the project up on the schedule by 3 to 5 years sooner than it was originally scheduled from its 2020 construction let date. The Rice Creek/Czech Hall Bridge had severe damage, movement and center beam tilting that caused safety concerns for the citizens traveling over it. We are proud of this accomplishment and the enhancement to the area. Although there were grave concerns and frustrations from the travelers and citizens in the area traveling to and from the SPJST #6 when the decision was made for emergency closure, it was the best decision for all. Detours were established and even with longer travel times, all destinations were still reachable. Construction was completed by bid and the contract was awarded to Ellis-McGinnis a local vendor from Eddy, Texas. The cost of the bridge was $453,594 and required a 10% in-kind match and was met by the County by work of the McLennan County Road and Bridge Precinct 3 Crew and McLennan County Engineering, in cooperation with County Commissioner Will Jones. This is a very effective use of your tax dollars. Construction was to take 5 months and began in March, but was completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule.