Case Index Search

We have developed a searchable index of the Criminal and Civil cases from 2001 - present.  Additionally, there is general case information from the early 1980's forward that was converted over from our legacy system "Bridge."

This index is free to use for all members of the public. If you need to order a copy of a document, please fax your request to 254-757-5060.  Per state law we currently charge $1 per page printed, or $20 for an export of all the filings for a single case, unless the request is so large that it requires a custom hourly rate.

Case Lookup:

You will be redirected to a website that is not maintained or supported by McLennan County.  E-Doc Technologies, our vendor, hosts and maintains our Case Index Search site.

Case Index Search:

Case Index search is a list of all occurrences that have happened in the court concerning the case. This will allow you to see the case's Docket Sheet. This is a free service.

Attorney Case Portal

The case portal is available to active members of either local Bar. At this time, subscriptions are not available, but can be created by becoming a member.