Culvert Orders

Need a Driveway Culvert?

If you wish to have a pipe culvert installed, please call the County Engineering office at 254-757-5028.

You will need to provide us with the address of the property and mark the location where you want the culvert to be installed.  Once your culvert order has been placed, your precinct foreman will visit your property to inspect the location of the culvert and determine the size of pipe needed for adequate drainage.  Once sizing has been completed the Engineering office will call you with a price for installation.  When payment has been received, installation of the culvert will be scheduled. 

Only checks, money orders, and cash are an acceptable means of payment.  Payment can be made in person or by mailing your check or money order (do not mail cash) to the following address:

McLennan County Engineering Department

McLennan County Records Building

215 W. 5th Street, Ste. 130

Waco, TX 76701

(Make Checks and/or Money Orders payable to McLennan County)

If you wish to provide and install your own culvert, please review the County Order on culvert installations.  The policy can be found online at the link below or by calling the County Engineering office for permitting and inspection information.

County Ordinance on Culvert Setting Policy

Please note:  If the pipe is not sized properly, or if the culvert system is installed incorrectly, the County may require you to remove the culvert and correct the installation per the County specifications at your expense.

Metal Culvert Price List (PDF)

Poly Culvert Price List (PDF)