What year do your land records start?
Manual records for McLennan County start in 1849 through 1995. Electronic records started in 1996 and continue through the present.

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1. What year do your land records start?
2. What year do your land records start on the website?
3. What are the standard requirements for filing a document in Official Public Records?
4. How do I contact the County Clerk's records division?
5. What are hours of operation?
6. Can I look up land records by a legal description?
7. How do I add someone's name to my deed or remove someone's name?
8. How long does it take to get my original document back after it is filed?
9. Is there a notary available to acknowledge documents?
10. What is the cost for recording documents? (deeds, deed of trust, liens, releases, abstract of judgments, etc.)
11. Are Military discharge records public information?